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Learning JSX for Photoshop

In first why choose “JavaScript” and not “VBscript” or AppleScript” ?
the response is simple, JavaScript work with the two platform used by adobe : Win and Macos
In photoshop, we know all the “action” but there is some limitations :
  • - Impossibility to record specific command
  • - No capacity to make conditional command
  • - limitations for some repetitive and complex request
  • - ……..

The good sides of actions are :
  • - Simple to customize and record
  • - No need to learn anything
  • - ….
I like use actions, but in some case in encounter the limitations of actions, and I want to push photoshop and automation at the max….
So I’m starting to learn JSX. One big advantage is there is numerous source on the web for learning JSX.

Starting to learn :
What's happen? do i suddendly going crazy to learning JSX !!!
It's was i think at first time, but after looking at the classic first lesson the "hello world", i understand the potential, and want to make my first experiments... the result: a joke script (named "who are you").

Followed by an real tool the "Two windows" (TW) script.
Making my joke script help me to understand the use of variable and the conditionnal tools, which i need in the "TW" script.

The "TW" is also a bit more complex to write, because i need to run some menu function of photoshop for make it work.
And for this one i need to find where and how use the good command.
The "TW" request me to use variable, conditional (by selecting its longest side) and run menu command for lets photoshop automatically choose to tile in vertical or horizontal position the pictures.

My scripts :
I link you my first script (more a joke than a real tool) and the second script which this time is a real tool :
The first :
This script ask your Name and Town, and salute you…
if you give “Marco” and “Tropoja” as response you will have a surprise....
Download link : Who are you
The second :

This script open two window on your screen to work on the details on one windows and make your global control on the other.
Download link : Two windows

you can create an action for load the script and assign a simple shortcut to load the action and make the script run.
The how to : Shortcut for Script

I will share with you future scripts, you can join my  mailing list for news,
No spam, you will receive only info about the center of interest you check when you suscribe to the mailing list ;)

Some of the source I use :

The devnet page of adobe for photoshop
The  CC 2019 version documentation
Great ressource :
Software :
Visual studio code
Patience and passion...
Github and Google... as know as "is your friend" ;)

A good, and ergonomic workspace.

As a photographer working with digital material, one of the essential elements is to have a computer workstation suitable for retouching, sorting and all other essential tasks ....

The profession of photographer has evolved, and for the processing and retouching of the images themselves, we spend a lot of hours in front of the computer ...

It is for this reason that an adapted workspace is essential. Certainly, the aesthetics of its space is important, but good ergonomics is just as much. Elements such as the choice of desk, chair, keyboard, tablet, mouse, screens ... are important.

These are the elements that will allow you to spend your time working comfortably and without fatigue.

For all accessories connected to the computer, you should always think of ergonomic solutions: keyboard with wrist rest, mouse of size adapted to the size of your hand, and placement of all its elements on your desktop positioned in ways to minimize the movements of your hands and arms.

For the desk, the ideal is an desk of sufficient size (depending on the material you have available (single screen, dual screen, keyboard, wacom tablet ...), either with a sliding tray and a gutter or a fixed tray with cable passage, which avoids the "spaghetti dish" of monitor cables, mouse keyboard, tablet, calibration probe ...

The office chair is certainly one of the most important accessories, it is one of the key points of comfort.

For a good chair, it takes about 300 euros, it may seem to be high, but in the end compared to the price of a wacom tablet or even a goal, this price remains reasonable, especially when it comes to spend hours in front of a screen ...

The choice will depend a lot on the tastes and the morphology of each one, there are the classic armchairs, the design, the gamers ...

- The "classical" and "design" armchairs are to be preferred when the room is subject to the heat of summer, in this case one will rather target an armchair with a reclining back in mesh (which aims to minimize the phenomena of perspiration) and with dorso-lumbar support.

 - In an air-conditioned room, and if the style matches you, the chair of "gamer" (look like an automotive bacquet) is the choice that I prefer, lateral support, lumbar cushion, head restraint, and tilting backrest.There are now "sober" gaming chairs in general of black color.

Whatever the type of chair, it is necessary to privilege the models with the armrests adjustable in height, and for those who desire the removable armrests.

I personally fan of the "Nitro"  from AK-Racing.

Elixxier Software : Set a light 3D STUDIO

In this video i play with a simple setup from the second part of  "the shooting musclé".

I play with the functions of the software and I try to show you how it works.
Through the video you will see the reliability of the simulation with the displacement of the bright and dark areas. And rendering the model.

A point that I appreciate is to be able to realize the placements of the modellers to the centimeter.

This is an indispensable tool for me, to test an idea I have in mind, or memorize a setup, when I am not in the studio, or when I have a work in progress and an already installed setup, for example ...

The site of Elixxier software if you want to test the software: Set a light 3D

Lateral shaping of modelers, part 2 : Mola Demi and Setti

To get another view of the propagation of light of a modeler, I invite you to discover a series of Mola beauty dish modelers pictures in profile. 

The power used is identical to each image, at about 90 joules..Dishs are located at 70 cm from the wall, the generator used is a Ranger RX Speed ​​AS.This series of images is performed without scientific pretensions, she's just proposed indication. 

You will find the Mola Demi and Setti alone and with their diffuser.

Same test with elinchrom modeler in "PART 1"

Restoration of an picture aged of 80 years

I was given a picture in bad condition having passed through several decades, so I have to restore it.
  • I have to repair the parts with scratch, tears, stained areas, and restore the lower part (on the left) that is missing. I can slightly modify the image to reconstitute the missing area, its historical value being reserved for its owner who wants an entire photo.
To work on this picture, I use photoshop with the help of a Wacom tablet.
  • The first phase consists of performing a high-definition scan in Tiff format at 1200 dpi, in order to obtain a file of optimal quality and a comfort of work.
I open the photo in photoshop, then i realize my retouches on multiple layers according to the areas of the images and the types of corrections applied. The advantage of using layers is to perform non-destructive retouching.
  • Retouching layers with mask will be used by zones:

- Faces
- Clothing
- Background
- First plan
  • Correction layers will be used on curves and desaturation of the image.
The reconstruction of the missing area is obtained by copying (of a sufficient size) the right side of the photo. I apply a horizontal symmetry, I adjust its position and apply a mask of fusion. I use a brush with soft edges smoothly and realize the transition between the two elements. I repeat the operation 3 times with blocks of smaller sizes to fill the remaining voids.
The final processing of the image with the Topaz labs BW plugin is also performed on a layer, in order to be able to modulate the opacity and the intensity of the correction obtained.

Shooting outdoors in light version ...

The purpose of this shoot was to be performed quickly,

To provide strength and depth to this shooting, i realized it in a very spaced place, with the presence of the sunset (which limits the time available for the shooting).

Several attempts were the be carried out depending on weather conditions, to obtain the desired result in the level of light and clouds.

To be quickly up and running, I chose to work with light equipment.

My hope being able to sufficiently cut the outline of Jeremy, while keeping a natural look, I chose a bowl of Elinchrom high performance diameter 10"-1/4. the generator (Ranger RX) was pushed to full power (1100 joules) after measuring with the flash meter.

You can find below the preparation, the lighting diagram, and of course the final picture.

Why a make-up trolley ...

Why be equipped with a trolley make-up?

I am a photographer, but who is this sudden interest I take in acquiring a « Studio » trolley with mirror and lighting …
Ultimately what I want as a photographer is simply to get the best possible picture, both technically and emotionally.

And so simply, it all begins to offer its employees a real beauty area, and that they may also enjoy having a suitable working environment.

Because either for the Model, The M.u.a or Hairdresser, to working with you in favorable conditions with attention, is a success factor in your shootings.

All MUA and hairdressers do not move necessarily with a trolley « Studio » for the simple reason that it is heavy and bulky, and they already have their cosmetics or accessories to move in their suitcases …
Then simply offer them the provision of a trolley, it is also a way to show your appreciation with respect to their investment.
One advantage of the trolley is also being a mobile space.
It’s also always nice to also provide the trolley a few basic cosmetics and accessories, and the choice of them you can listen to the advice of your beauty team.

Ditto on projects that require a really specific cosmetic, and have it available in the trolley is more sympathetic. 
To play simplicity I considered that the team consisted of a Model, a M.u.a and Hairdresser.