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Tips and tricks bulk ...

Tips and tricks bulk ...

Series of little tips and tricks that can sometimes be very useful ..

- The gaffer: 1 roll of 25 mm and one 50 mm.
- Batteries: Although it works with rechargeable batteries (to be sufficient) this can save you time from a scéance.
- Memory cards: Better to have one more, one large map that becomes defective and this is the guarantee of all your photos made extinct ...
- Stickers for your name: Affixed on your hardware, it's soon time simpler when humpback several to find his equipment at the end of scéance.
- The dry air bomb: To dust off his equipment at bayonets before changing optical (and for specialists it can also be used to clean the sensor Please note all the bombs are not suitable for this purpose..).
- Sandbags: If you use your feet to flash or other accessories (diffusers, reflectors ...) it often avoids tragic for your hardware.
- The bags or suitcases pictures: From material adapted ensure the sustainability of your equipment. suitcases Type B + W or Pelicase protect your equipment by all weather, for a good camera bag cloisonné light to move on site this greatly simplifies life.

- The Rain protection: There are professional solutions that are ideal but expensive enough to book the pros or equipment of a certain value. There are cheaper options but also less efficient, and if the good old large plastic bag format.

- The Ziploc: As is to large temperature differences between the inside and the outside then it is time to call in Ziploc to make the transition between the inside and the outside to limit condensation.
- The clamps: Bulk, small pliers DIY, clamps and super clamps can therefore once you very useful things.
- The checklist: Essential !!! It frees the mind and allows you to control the end of the session that everything is there.

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