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Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478DR

Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478DR...


Flashmeter color display and touch technology incorporating the PocketWizard.

It incorporates PocketWizard technology that allows it to trigger the son without flash in order to make a measurement, then set the flash from its dedicated interface.


-Measuring ambient light: 
-Priority To speed. 
-Priority Opening. 
-Priority Speed and aperture. 
-mode Cine HD. 
-mode Ciné.
-Measurement Of lux in incident light.
-Measurement Of foot-candle in incident light.
-Measurement Cd / m2 in reflected light (with viewfinder 5 °).
-Measurement Of foot lambert luminance reflected light (with viewfinder 5 °).

Flash modes:

-mode Flash (triggered manually).
-mode Cumulative flash (triggered manually).
-mode PC (with PC cable).
-mode Cumulative PC (with PC cable).
-mode Radio (triggered by PocketWizard module).
-mode Cumulative Radio (triggered by PocketWizard module).

The PocketWizard system
 Integrated in the DRversion it supports standard versions TL and PW Control system.TL Control mode it can trigger and control the power of three separate flash via any PocketWizard compatible system TL Control.

Test conducted with cobras Nikon SB-900-type via a FlexTT5 and flash Elinchrom RX Speed ​​AS store via Power ST4. 

In standard mode it can trigger four separate flash units without power control via any compatible PocketWizard system. 
Control the TL and standard modes can be used together. 
Do not forget to adjust the PocketWizard PowerTracking attached to the trigger reflex in only mode. 
Use of the wireless system is simple, you simply trigger (s) selected via the Sekonic flash interface to control your measurement and then switch over without the son of the icon on the screen interface adjustment. 
At that moment you adjust your power for flashes with receiver TL Control and check the results.it is possible to remain on the setting interface and the trigger (s) select flashes on the interface. 
Other functions: 
It includes a filter compensation function to take into account the use of filters and thus directly correcting the measurement made.It also includes an exposure compensation.There is an optional viewfinder with viewfinder 5 ° to perform measurements in "spot" mode.To install the viewfinder on the L-478DR must remove the white dome and then install it in place of it.

Various:The touch screen is a delight to use.The L-478DR uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries that have a satisfactory life and are easy to find in trade.To optimize the life of batteries is equipped with an "Auto Power Off".

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