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Topaz Labs Remask Review

Topaz Labs Remask Review

Here to get a better idea of what Remask de topaz Labs, an example of simple trimming made with Remask de Topaz Labs .

ReMask just went V4.
I chose this example for trimming a motorcycle on a track.
You can click on the photos to view in more;)
In this image there is a part of the background visible through the rim, so I want this clipping take this into account.
- Here is the chosen image open in Photoshop:

- I chose the Photoshop Filter menu and I go to the menu Topaz labs
In which I select Remask :

- I select the menu "Trimap" which opens the picture completely covered with a green transparent mask:

- I then chose the "Blue Brush" in the "Brushes" menu and I just draw my picture on the outline of the element to be trimmed.

There is no obligation to be accurate to the pixel, obviously the more we will be precise, the better the quality of clipping.

it just takes that overlaps the outer area of the element to be trimmed and the part of the image that we will eliminate.

- I select the "red bucket," and I just click in areas that I want to eliminate, in this case the background which includes the circuit, and the small area of visible trail through the rim of the bike.
So I just created based on "Trimap" So ReMask Topaz Labs need to calculate my clipping.

- At this point I can if I want to achieve my clipping control panel via the "Mask", "keep" and "Cut".

As can be seen in the "Keep", I did not seek to be particularly precise.

And this is what will allow us to realize how the Topaz Labs ReMask calculation algorithms are Performants !!!

One can always if we want to refine the result using the "brushes" green, red and blue.

- I click on "Compute Mask" who realizes the true extraction and creation of the mask element.

- If I want to refine my need clipping by using cursors present in menus "Make Adjustment" and "Background Color" and / or also using the "brushes" green, red and blue.
- And if all I should do I have to click "OK" which will transfer the mask and directed by ReMask Topaz Labs and will allow me to view and use my final result in Photoshop.

The realization of this clipping in real time only took me 2 minutes all inclusive since the opening of the photo in ReMask Topaz Labs, through selecting items and to finish calculating the mask and extraction motorcycle background and transfer of the mask in photoshop for use.

Finally, as saying that the longest in all this is to write this review;) ...

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